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Restaurant & Bar

For us, food and drink have an important place. The conversation around a dining table is one of the best things in the world. High ceilings and many interesting discussions make life so much more fun.

My favorite food is quite basic and simple but very well prepared. For me, a Toast Pelle Janzon on high-class beef fillet and Kalixlöjrom is one of the best things I can eat. In other words, classic food. This is also reflected in Boman's menu.

As far as possible, we use organic and locally produced raw materials.
However, a prerequisite is that they maintain the high level we want.
Welcome to the table

Kristin Boman

potato cake with vendace roe, Boman's hotel

Opening hours in the canteen

Monday - Saturday 18-21

Bomans Twin Bar

Monday - Saturday 15-21

Boman's back pocket

Monday - Sunday 12-16

Twin bar

Personally, I've always loved hanging out in a good hotel bar. There are some really great ones that have stuck with me. Bamboo Bar at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, The Hemingway Bar at the Ritz in Paris... the list goes on.
Welcome to our very own hotel bar, The Twin Bar.

Boman wines

For us, wine has always had an important place. A good wine enhances and complements a dish in a fantastic way. See which wines we have in our cellar right now.