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Kristin Boman

Playfulness is important to me. I love hotels and everything about staying in them. The check-in, the service, the first feeling when you enter the hotel room, the search for beautiful different things that can inspire me for my own hotel.

Hotels can be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all of us. All those guests, where do they come from, why are they here, are those two together or are they off with someone they shouldn't be here with? The questions are many and the only limit is your imagination.

The most amazing thing about running a hotel is the guests. Over the years I have met lovely, strange, odd, sometimes terrible, but mostly wonderful people. It is a true joy for me to go to Bomans and curiously investigate what kind of guests we have in the house today.

You can sense my love of play and decorating through the hotel and I never come back from a trip empty-handed. You wouldn't believe how many funny things I've dragged home from all corners of the world. Usually my travels require the purchase of a new suitcase for all the fabrics, gadgets, shoes, etc. that will adorn Boman's.

Among my passions in life, Bomans is definitely one of the biggest. I usually say that Bomans is my third child in addition to the two "real" children I have, Amanda and Gustaf. And you know how it is, your child is the most important thing you have!

I LOVE shoes! There are currently around 140 pairs of fantastic shoes available for our guests to use when they are here.

I am also very fond of food and wine, which is natural when you have a hotel and restaurant. My great-grandmother Stina Boman had a restaurant in Nyköping in the 30s and 50s and we use some of her recipes here at Bomans. In addition, we cook classic food with the best ingredients, and preferably local as far as possible. In the family we have several Sommeliers and this is also reflected in our extensive wine list. Feel really welcome to my little boutique hotel in Trosa harbor.

Kristin Boman