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Boman's books

Boman's books, Boman's hotel

My sister-in-law Anna Lefvert is both a journalist and a photographer, so what could be more appropriate than asking her to do much of the work. For me it was a real trip down memory lane. Many pictures to go through and many strange things that have happened over the years. Together with a bunch of coworkers and former colleagues, I sat down one evening and let the memories flow. I wrote until my pen glowed and you can now see the result in the book. Oh, so Bomans!

Anna has rewritten the stories to make them accurate and she has written almost everything else besides.
Five years later, it was time again. I had an itch in my "book gut". Anna, Mathias (Sjöström) and I started to think about the next book project. Six months later it was all done. The book is called Anyway, Let's get Happy! In this book, I have written a lot myself and it is a little extra close to my heart.

It has been an amazing journey to spend so many years with Bomans. It has not always been easy and we have faced all sorts of challenges, not least the death of my husband and business partner in 2008.

The books are called Oh! So Bomans and Anyway, Let's get Happy! Both books are on sale for 295:- each.