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Conference rooms

Standard equipment in all our meeting rooms includes a projector, flipchart, whiteboard, notepad and pens. Of course, all rooms also have fast and wireless internet access.

The price for Boman's conference facilities includes mineral water, fruit, sweets and Piggelin ice cream.
We can offer electronic participant management via Svenska möten.

The Ballroom

The Ballroom is not only our largest conference room, it also has a fantastic location with a terrace overlooking Trosa's harbor. It can accommodate up to 110 people.

Price: From 8000:-/day excluding VAT
Cinema seating: 110 people
School attendance: 60 people
U-shaped table: 32 people

The harbour house

The meeting room for the creative group.  

Price: 6000:-/day excluding VAT.
Board seat: 16 people
Conference room, Boman's hotel


It's airy here. Brainstorm is named after the art of learning. All around the room you will find paintings that reflect learning.

Price: 8000:-/day excluding VAT
Cinema seating: 60 people
School attendance: 35 people
U-shaped table: 28 people

Situation room

It's not just the White House that has a Situation Room, Bomans has one too. Probably not as high tech as the original but we're sure it's a perfect room for a board or small management team.

Price: 4500:-/day excluding VAT
Board seat: 10 people
conference room, Bomans Hotel, Forest Hill

Forest Hill

The bright and beautiful meeting room is suitable for groups of up to 14 people.

Price: 4500:-/day excluding VAT
Board seat: 14 people
Lusthuset, Bomans Hotell, Lusthus

The gazebo

Boman's gazebo is secluded in our garden. Perfect for the board or small management team.

Price: 2500:-/day excluding VAT.
Board seat: 6 people