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Food philosophy

Dahlias, garden, hotel

The Boman family has been involved in hospitality for several generations. It all started with Stina Boman at Bomans Matsalar in Nyköping during the 30s and 50s.

I'm a fan of cooking myself, but only for home use. My favorite food is quite basic and simple but very well prepared. For me, a Toast Pelle Janzon on high-class beef fillet and Kalixlöjrom is one of the best things I can eat. In other words, classic food.
Every now and then you can find me in a "star restaurant", but I feel most comfortable in classic noisy neighborhood restaurants.
This is also reflected in Boman's menu.
As far as possible, we use organic and locally produced ingredients. However, a prerequisite is that they maintain the high level we want.
Thankfully, Boman's chef Frederik shares my philosophy.

Welcome to Bomans

Kristin and the whole lovely kitchen crew