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Weddings & Parties

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Bomans, our food and drink and our staff are the backdrop. It is you and your guests who fill it with content and joy. A more unique setting for a wedding or a party, only an hour from Stockholm is hard to find.

Our imaginative, loving and carefully designed environment is not just a place for your wedding or party, it's a gold-lined experience of abundance and joy.

Bomans in Trosa is not just a place, it is an adventurous journey where you and your guests become the protagonists. Here awaits a unique environment where every detail has been created to embrace your love and celebrate special moments. Choose Bomans for your wedding, and let's create together an unforgettable story of joy, love and abundance.

Wedding party

We Believe in love
A wedding at Bomans is really, really wonderful... There are endless possibilities for a fantastic wedding.

Wedding dinner

I do
Depending on how many guests you have, we can offer several different party rooms and dining rooms.

Intimate Crimson where you can sit up to 26 people.

Small gazebo for those who are not more than 8 people.

The Ballroom is suitable for parties of more than 26 people.

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Party on!
The settings at Bomans are many and your party can practically be designed exactly as you want. After less than an hour's drive from Stockholm, you will find yourself in Trosa with proximity to our beautiful Sörmland archipelago.

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Tips from the priest

Let the party begin in the church
Nina, one of my best friends, is the vicar of Söndrum parish. She has put together a list of her top tips for a successful wedding.