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Fredrik Eriksson

Fredrik Eriksson - Kristins friend and Bomans culinary advisor. Since childhood, Fredrik Eriksson has visited Trosa every summer, so when he was asked to join Boman's board in the mid-2000s, it was not a difficult answer.

- Trosa and the entire Sörmland region are very close to my heart. I have always had a great love for the place," he says.

After almost ten years as a member of Bomans board, Fredrik Eriksson has now taken on the role of Kristins culinary advisor.

- Boman's is characterized by a lot of personality, in everything from the personally decorated rooms to the menu.

- "I don't have much to say about the design of the hotel rooms, but I now act as an advisor where Kristin and I look at the whole of the visit to Boman's. Above all, of course, the restaurant visit, but everything should be a whole and fit together," he says.

Sometimes there are also differences of opinion about the focus. Like the fact that a hamburger is now on the menu.

- I was initially against it, but I have changed my mind. In a boutique hotel of Boman's class, there should be a wide range of menus and something for all ages.

Boman's is not an anxious place. The Swedish delicacy bleak roe from Kalix and hamburgers coexist. Boman's chefs cook a wide range of foods.  

And the step from grandma's meatballs to the hamburger is a step in time, says Fredrik Eriksson.

Also in line with the times is the emphasis on local ingredients from Sörmland, which has been given an international touch.

- When you're in the Sörmland gem Trosa, among mushroom forests, sea and game, you should take advantage of it and taste it too.

Fredrik Eriksson
Chef and restaurateur
Långbro Värdshus and Restaurant Nationalmuseum.