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About Bomans

Boman's Hotel, Keith Richards, Rolling Stones, Boman's garden

Boman's is a love affair that has lasted for generations. From Stina Boman at Bomans Matsalar in Nyköping to today's Bomans Hotell in Trosa which, after many twists and turns, is run by Stina's great-granddaughter Kristin Boman.

Bomans Hotell is a warm and generous boutique hotel where all generations meet. We have the great pleasure of having a really colorful bouquet of guests. It consists of both old and young, dogs, conference guests, summer guests, wedding guests and everyone in between. We don't like square pegs and the word just right. If you are looking for "bright and fresh", just turn around and keep looking. Then we are not the right place. However, if you are looking for warmth, love, beautiful things, a little madness, eyes & ears candy then just walk right through our doors.

Kristin Boman

I love hotels and everything about staying in them. The check-in, the service, the first feeling when you enter the hotel room, the search for beautiful different things that can inspire me for my own hotel. Hotels can be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all of us.

Fredrik Eriksson

Fredrik Eriksson - Kristin's friend and Bomans and culinary advisor. Since childhood, Fredrik Eriksson has visited Trosa every summer, so when he was asked to join Boman's board in the mid-2000s, it was not a difficult answer.

About Trosa

Why on earth would you choose to nickname a city 'The End of the World'? It is not a modern invention invented during a brainstorming session at Trosa's municipal office. No, the nickname is old but perhaps needs an explanation?

Karin Hedenvind

Karin is my sister-in-law and she has used Bomans as her canvas for the last 30 years. You can see Karin's work on the walls, floors, ceilings and pictures. It is a privilege for me to have such a creative person to share all my ideas with.

Boman's books

I am very fond of coffee table books and have always wanted to make my own for Boman's. When we turned 25 (2013), it seemed like the right time to actually do it. For me it was a real trip down memory lane.
This was so much fun and when we turned 30, I decided to make another one.