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Wedding party

We Believe in love ❤️ A wedding at Bomans is absolutely wonderful...there are endless possibilities for a fantastic wedding....

Boman's imaginative, loving and beautiful setting is the backdrop for your wedding. It is you and your guests who fill the house with content and joy.

We love weddings - generous flower arrangements, lots of candles, environments bursting with love and interior design, food prepared from scratch with great commitment and ingredients as locally produced as possible, wines from Boman's extensive wine cellar. Last but not least Boman's wonderful staff who do their utmost to make your day the most memorable.
As I said - we love weddings.

For our bridal couples, a tour is always included as well as consultation and planning. Tasting of menu for two people, choice of wines in consultation with Boman's Sommelier.

More is more is our motto...

Marry me ...
You and your guests have all of Bomans to yourselves for one day.

Contact Maria Krona at [email protected]

Marry me

  • Check-in from 15.00
  • A glass of Champagne with a refill
  • Three types of snacks for the drink
  • Three-course dinner according to our menu suggestions
  • Drinks package with suitable drinks for dinner (two glasses for the starter, two glasses for the main course and one glass for dessert).
  • Wedding cake, coffee, 4 cl classic avec
  • Floral decorations for the tables
  • Filling
  • Extended opening hours until 03.00 hours
  • Free cash up to a fixed amount
  • Overnight stay with breakfast for all guests

415 000:-
Valid for up to 80 people
If you are more, there is an additional 3190: - / person

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Tips from the priest

Let the party begin in the church
Nina, one of my best friends, is the vicar of Söndrum parish. She has put together a list of her top tips for a successful wedding.

Do you want to get married at Bomans? Contact me!

Maria Krona, Site Manager