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We welcome you to give your body, skin and soul an extra wonderful experience. At Boman’s we offer lovely therapeutic treatments, for example full body massage, facial care and foot treatments. In Boman’s Lusthus (gazebo) you will find Sisko and Monica, licensed therapist and masseuse. Treatments need to be booked in advance; please call us for your booking +46 156 525 00. For treatments on Saturdays please contact the reception.

This is what we offer:

Bomans Lusthus “Heal Yourself”

Book directly with Sisko or through the reception. Sisko works with eco products from Maria Åkerbergs.

 Classic  60 min   760SEK

The treatment is suited to your skin’s special needs.
Cleaning, peeling, massage, mask
and finishing product

Facial treatment  30 min   470SEK
Cleaning, peeling, massage, mask
and finishing product

Facial treatment Deluxe 60 min  760SEK
Cleaning, peeling, mask, massage, lash- & brow colouring and plucking.

Beautiful eyes
Lash- & brow colouring and plucking  370SEK
Lash colouring  250SEK
Brow colouring  175SEK
Brow plucking 175SEK

AHA treatment 45 min  650SEK
A treatment for all skin types.
The skin gets better luster, the treatment counteracts dirty
skin, tightens the large pores. A perfect treatment for
aged skin with discolouring, wrinkles and scarred tissue.
Cleaning, peeling with AHA, massage,
mask and finishing product.

Massage 30/60 min  470SEK/750SEK
A relaxing and soft treatment
with purpose to create a moment of
recovery and heightened responsiveness
for signals by body and mind.
Suitable for all.

Spa Foot treatment 30 min  470SEK
A comfortable and soothing treatment
aimed at healthy feet.
Bath and massage for feet and lower leg.

Monica’s massage treatments

Classic Swedish massage  30 min/60 min 470SEK/750SEK

A deep treatment to loosen tenations and trigger points. Lessens muscle pain and increases blood- and lymph circulation. Shortened muscles get increased mobility.


Zone therapy  30min/60 min  470SEK/750SEK

Excellent treatment if you suffer from circulation problems, fatigue, loss of energy or digestion problems. Stress zone therapy starts the body’s self healing system by applying pressure and massaging the soles of the feet. Loses blockage and helps the energy to flow freely again.


Cupping massage  30min/60 min  470SEK/750SEK

An immune strengthening connective tissue massage, very cleansing. Healing starts where the cup is placed. A stimulating and cleansing treatment that treats muscle knots, scars, cellulite as well as hard connective tissue. Facial treatment increases circulation and elasticity.


If you prefer it is possible to combine treatments. For example: half the time Massage and the other half Zone or Cup treatment. This can also be decided at time of treatment.

Prices are including VAT.

Sisko Paananen
Licensed Skin therapist and Chiropodist

Monica Ericsson
Licensed Massage and Spa Therapist


Sisko                                                 Monica







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