Our three suites

Bomans three suites are large and generous. Glimmer Twin, the biggest one is my homage to my great music hero Keith Richards.  It is 70 m2 with its own terrace facing the beautiful Trosa harbor, it has a record player and a collection of fantastic Rolling Stones records. If you are like me, a big Rolling Stones and Keith Richards fan you will definitely love this suite.

The white and pink Trosa suite is 55 m2 with its own balcony facing Boman’s lush garden.
It’s like a Princess dream and most of our newly weds stay here.
The Harbour suite is 65m2. Here you are right in the middle of Trosa’s charming harbour overlooking the river and all the boats.
All suites have bath tubs and air conditioning.
The Harbour Suite and Glimmer Twin also have fireplaces.

Harbour suite

Glimmer Twin

Trosa suite

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