Our coffee table book


I am very fond of coffee table books and have always had a desire to make one for Boman’s. When we celebrated 25 years (2013) it felt like the right time to make it happen. My sister in law Anna Lefvert is both a journalist and a photographer so who was more fitted than her to do most of the work. For me it was a fantastic trip down memory lane. Many pictures to go through, many events that had taken place over the years. Together with a bunch of employees and former employees, I sat down an evening and let the memories flow.

I wrote so much that the pen glowed and the result can be seen see in the book. Anna re-wrote all the stories so they are correct and she has also written almost everything else beyond that. Boman’s Chairman Janne Scherman has also contributed along with Steffo Törnqvist who was one of my husband’s best friends. My mother, stepfather, Wille Crafoord, Bengt Frithiofsson (one of the family’s best friends), Daniel Portnoff, Mayor of Trosa and myself have all been involved and contributed to this wonderful book. It has been an amazing journey to get to spend so many years with Boman’s. It has not always been easy, and we have been subjected to all sorts of trials, especially when my husband and business partner died in 2008.

But we have also had so much fun over the years. There are many more stories than those included in the book. You never know, one day we might write another one.

The book called Oh! So Bomans can be found and read in all our hotel rooms. You can also buy it for 250 SEK and enjoy it at home. 

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