Kristin’s Shoes

Kristin & her shoes

A lifelong


I have, since forever, had a passionate relationship with shoes. I bought my first Manolo Blahniks off Ebay and twittered like a small bird when they arrived in the mail box. Since then I have broadened my collection tremedously.

The guests of Boman’s also get their part of my huge interest. I often buy a pair of shoes for Boman’s when I am travelling.

We have even given Manolo Blahnik his own room at Boman’s. Here seven lovely pairs are available for guests to borrow. Our Red Room is partially a tribute to Christian Loboutin and shoes with the red soles are avalable to borrow. It could be that Dolce & Gabbana will get their own room soon, I’m not sure.

One thing is for sure, Boman’s Shoe collection is increasing and to my utter joy the shoes are diligently used by the guests.




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