Kristin Boman

Kristin Boman

thoughtfulness & generosity

Playfulness is important to me

I love hotels and everything it means to spend time at hotels. The check-in, the service and the first feeling as you step into your room, the search for new beautiful things that could inspire me for my own hotel. Hotels can be an inexhaustible source of inspiration to us all. All these guests, where do they come from, why are they right here, do those two belong together or are they out on the trail with someone they shouldn’t be with? So many questions and only your imagination sets the limit.

The most fantastic with owning a hotel is in fact the guests. During the years I have met lovely, remarkable, odd, sometimes terrible, but mostly lovely people. Through it all though it is so intresting how we people are so different. It is a true joy for me to go to Boman’s and curiously investigate what guests we have each day.

My playfulness and joy of decorating permeates the hotel and I never arrive home empty handed from a trip. If you knew how many funny things I have dragged home from all corners of the earth. My trips usually involves buying a new suitcase to accomodate all the fabrics, stuff, shoes and what-nots that will grace Boman’s.

Among my great passions in life, Boman’s is definitely one of the greatest. I always say that Boman’s is my third child after Amanda and Gustaf. And you know how it is, your children are the most important!

I love shoes and you can see it at Boman’s. Today there are about 30 pairs of shoes available for the guests to borrow when they stay here.

I am also very fond of food and wine, which feels like a necessity when you own a hotel. My great grandmother Stina Boman had a tavern in Nyköping in the 30s and 50s and we use some of her recipes at Boman’s today. In addition to that we cook classic food with only the best raw ingredients, preferably local when available. We have several sommeliers in the family and it shows on our voluminous wine list. I bid you a warm welcome to my little botique hotel in the Trosa harbour.



kristinkeith Live in the Glimmer Twin suite and enjoy a 70 m2 homage to one of my greatest idols – Keith Richards!

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