Karin Hedenvind

Karin Hedenvind

Boman's Artist

Karin is my ex-sister-in-law and has been using Boman’s as her canvas for the past 27 years. On the walls, floors, on the ceilings and in paintings, all over Boman’s, you can view Karin’s stunning work. It is a privilege for me to have such a creative person to brainstorm with. Karin can really read me and then create something spectacular.

I always say that my brother has superb taste in women. Karin, who is an artist and my present sister-in-law Anna who is Boman’s designated photographer. I feel really privileged having two such fantastic women in my presence.

Karin paints on order, so if you love what you see and you want to get in contact with her you can reach her by phone +46 707 35 18 01.


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