Celebrations & Parties

The settings at Boman’s are many and festivities can practically be arranged to whatever you fancy. The many hundred years old Harbour house is a rustic place made for the laid back party where you would enjoy a generous buffet and some easygoing company.

The Ballroom is more elegant and well suited for a seated dinner party where speeches are plentyful. Stina Boman’s dining room is perfect for those who want to be near the garden. Stina Boman’s dining room is an easygoing and cozy environment.  

The Veranda and The Harbour house can both be easily transformed into a dance floor after dinner.

We take care of everything so that you can relax when it’s time for the festivities. To help you we have party planners and staff who will spot what is needed – before it is needed. At Boman’s the parties usually continues long into the night before it’s finally time to go to bed knowing that everyone had a wonderful time.

At Boman’s there are only possibilities! To get the best guidance, please contact us for a meeting. 


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