About Bomans

About Bomans

It all started with Stina Boman and her seven lovely girls at Bomans Dining Room in Nyköping during the 1930s to 1950s. Stinas grandchild Birgitta, spent her childhood there and ever since wanted a tavern and hotel of her own. When her daughter Kristin wanted to come home from New York, where she had spent a few years working, Birgitta and her husband Björn turned the dream into reality and together with Kristin they bought Hotel Strömsborg in Trosa. The year was 1988. Hotel Strömsborg was renamed and given the family name Boman’s. The idea was to create a boutique hotel where both private and confering guests would meet. The feeling of being at home should be stronger than the feeling of being away. After many winding roads Kristin is now the owner of the hotel.

About Bomans Hotel

More is more – less is a bore are key words at Boman’s and sums up the overall luxurious feeling and playfulness of our one-of-a-kind experience. Here nothing is toned down and the owner’s playfulness and decorating urges shine throughout the building. If you like Nordic minimalism, Boman’s is not the choice for you.



Why on Earth would you give a town the nickname ”the end of the world”? This is not a modern idea concocted during a brainstorm session at Trosa’s communal office. No the nickname is old but perhaps needs to be explained


Kristin Boman

I love hotels and everything it means to spend time at hotels. The check-in, the service and the first feeling as you step into your room, the search for new beautiful things that could inspire me for my own hotel. Hotels can be an inexhaustible source of inspiration to us all.


Kristin & her shoes

I have, since forever, had a passionate relationship with shoes. I bought my first Manolo Blahniks off Ebay and twittered like a small bird when they arrived in the mail box. Since then I have broadened my collection tremedously.


Our coffee table books

I am very fond of coffee table books and have always had a desire to make one for Boman’s. When we celebrated 25 years (2013) it felt like the right time to make it happen. My sister in law Anna Lefvert is both a journalist and a photographer so who was more fitted than her to do most of the work. The book is called Oh, So Bomans!For me it was a fantastic trip down memory lane. In 2019 I decided that it was the right time to make yet another coffee table book. It’s name is Anyway, Let’s get happy!
Both books can be bought at Boman’s for 250 SEK each.


Karin Hedenvind

Karin is my sister-in-law and has been using Boman’s as her canvas for the past 27 years. On the walls, floors, on the ceilings and in paintings, all over Boman’s, you can view Karin’s stunning work. It is a privilege for me to have such a creative person to brainstorm with.



We have the Swan Brand of the Nordic Ecolabel. Our environmental effort is both long term and well thought through. The whole staff is engaged and our environmental work includes every part of the company.

Integrity Policy

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